Mid Century Style Furniture

Beautiful pieces of mid century modern style furniture have just arrived at Ballard Consignment! Want to see all of our inventory? Download our app Wishlistings to see everything we and neighboring stores in our area have to offer!


The photos included are only a small selection of our inventory, to see all of our available products download our brand new app Wishlistings! With Wishlistings you can browse all of our incoming products and with the Wishlist feature you can be notified when that special something you are looking for arrives in our store.

Our collection features an array of modern, mid century, and antique furniture so you’ll always find something to take home.

Ballard Consignment is an enormous 30,000 square foot store in the heart of Ballard. Our high volume store is constantly changing, with a different set of inventory every couple weeks. Please call us to make sure the piece you’re interested in is still available.

In order from first to last photo –
Mid Century Style Walnut Dining Table $795 (item#91380)
Mid Century Style Sideboard $695 (item#80005)
Mid Century Style Writing Desk $595 (item#91642)
Mid Century Style Walnut Dining Table $275 (item#91380)
Mid Century Style Charcoal Seat Dining Chair $125 (item#79966)
Mid Century Style Console Table $550 (item#79974)
Mid Century Style Large TV Console $795 (item#79978)
Mid Century Style 2 Drawer Coffee Table $595 (item#80030)

Ballard Consignment
5459 Leary Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107


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